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Make A Difference

Each of our titles are packed with an important message for our readers. Our goal is to make a difference one reader at a time.

Promote Creativity

 We have connected with so many creative children. We want them to continue to dream big and fulfill every step to reaching their goals.

Create Champions

Building leaders both in and out of the classroom. Creating a positive environment for children to excel in.


“Smile is a wonderful story that educates young readers on the importance of simple positive gestures in one’s daily life and how it affects the world all around. This story educates on the differences between a good from a bad day. Moreover, using cute illustrations, highlights that positive thinking prevails. This is a perfect picture book to use in a storytime about love, happiness and appreciation of the small things in life. It will surely make anyone smile.”

Eric Cardoso
Librarian of Children Services, Cerritos Library

Positive and Refreshing Story

“A simple and well-written story with great illustrations that paint a beautiful world. A perfect story on any occasion for all ages.”

Agiet Tanyingu
Customer Purchase, Amazon Review

A Book With A Purpose

“In an ever changing society what gets lost is genuine care for other people. Smile helps children realize that being a good person isn’t hard. Solid message in a package young kids can relate to.”

Cliff Obijuru
Customer Purchase, Amazon Review


“I love a book with a purpose and Michael Ngang is helping kids find their way, one book at a time.”

Sena Gbodezoe
Customer Purchase, Amazon Review

No Color

“No Color is a splendid picture book about inclusiveness. Children will learn that everyone around them has differences and that it is important to embrace ones uniqueness. No Color gives a helpful lesson on ethnocentricity. In other words, children will learn that nobody is superior but unique in some way. This book will make young readers feel like a superhero in their own right.”

Eric Cardoso
Librarian of Children Services, Cerritos Library

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